Dig and search, snoop and spy.


When I was a kid, I loved digging in garden dirt with my father. Searching for four-leaf clovers was another cool thing to do. So was snooping and spying on my older sisters. Today, digging in dirt still fascinates me, but I also dig into history. That’s how I find amazing people and grand adventure stories. A boy who rides a wild horse named Volcano. A young woman who accepts a dangerous dare. A man who becomes obsessed with a certain type of treasure and spends a lifetime trying to find it. Discoveries excite me, and I always want to know more. What happened to the boy and the horse? Why did the young woman keep secrets? Did the man find what he was seeking?

To get answers, I search, snoop, and spy.

Digging into the past is fun. My research tips can you get started.